Our Personal Training services for individual sessions are priced at $80, although we highly recommend that our clients purchase a minimum of 12 sessions in order to complete at least one mesocycle - 3 months under the guidance of one of our trainers. Committing to this length of training cycle will give both you and your trainer the best possible opportunity to address all the key elements of mobility, activity and nutrition as well as delivering tangible results based on the goals you will set during your first (free) consultation.

We also offer reduced rates to clients seeking to buy multiple sessions. The discounts work out as follows:

12 session purchase = $70 per session

24 session purchase = £60 per session

36 session purchase = $50 per session

Plus, if you introduce a friend for a free initial consultation, you will earn yourself a free session!

In addition to the above rates for our comprehensive personal training service, we also offer our existing clients reduced rates for specific mobility prescriptions, activity (training) programmes and nutrition plans should they wish to move towards carrying them out independently. The discounts for these services are as follows:

4 week mobility prescription = $40

4 week activity programme = $40

4 week nutrition programme = $40

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact us here... Why not ask about some of our group offers? We provide 2-on-1 PT training sessions and boot camps too!